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As ask your friend, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend to make flashcards with 3 to 4 letters written on them; make at least 10 flashcards. Now you need to be ready with a pen and paper and ask your friend (or whoever made the flashcards for you) to show 2 or 3 flashcards one by one. Hold the cards for about 5 seconds in front of you and then you get the chance to write down the letters. After all the flashcards are finished, review the results.

Playing brain games is a superb way to boost memory power. There are various brain games for adults that can help you flex the brain muscles. You may also love solving Sudoku puzzles and cross words in the newspapers. If newspaper is the thing you hardly touch, try some brain video games on your television. Nowadays, there are various software games designed in such a way that will help you increase your analytical skills. Even reading good non-fiction books, science fiction and solving mathematics problem help you to improve the brain power. Brain games for children are effective in improving memory of children.


Why is memory improvement importent.

Why is memory improvement importent.

gWhen it comes to your personal life, memory improvement is very  importent, it will increase your self esteem. When we are mentally healthy, life becomes easier, we are more creative, we are more willing to learn and we can take more risks. Being able to believe in yourself and the confidence that comes from it helps us to cope with difficult times both in our professional and personal lives. Therefore, the stress levels are reduced and diseases that are associated with stress . This brings about a wholesome and healthy existence. All this is made possible with memory improvement.

Some people have decided that they are forgetful and will create a self-fulfilling prophecy by having the wrong attitude when it comes to improving their memory. Studies have shown that those who think positively about aging and memory generally perform better on memory tests than those who approach it negatively. When it comes to memory improvement, the first step is realizing that your memory probably isn’t bad as you think it is. The next is to realize that even if it is, there are things you can do to improve it.

There are many aspects and facets to memory improvement, and memory training would feature among them as an effective tool. Memory training helps in the enhanced release of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in controlling the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. Hence, memory improvement in the form of memory training exercises is known to have a direct impact on the performance levels of the brain. However, memory improvement is much more than memory training alone, as it includes memory foods as well as brain exercises that produce a combined effect that could lead to profound results.

Other way to improve your memory is consider smart pills, one of them is Geratam.

The primary ingredient of Geratam, Piracetam, was initially designed to profit psychological and cognitive development. Years of scientific research assist the feasibility and effectiveness of Piracetam making it a perfect supplement for sufferers with Alzeihmer’s illness, Parkinson’s, stress, stroke, cerebral problems, and other ailments regarding mind.

For healthy people, benefits of taking Geratam are; enhance memory, focus, concentration, relive stress, mental alertness, help students study and more.

Unlike different nootropics, Geratam doesn’t contain allergens. It is processed in a secure method and has no identified destructive effects. Although Geratam itself has no identified allergic facet-effects, its principal ingredient, Piracetam might probably trigger certain reactions. Geratam is consumed orally and may be administered without doctor’s advice; nevertheless, we do encourage our readers to seek the advice of with a medical professional

University Research on Memory Improvement

image001Many people consider that the best answer to how to improve brain memory fast is to use herbal supplements. These indeed can have a great action on your brain and your circulatory system. The herbs that improve blood flow efficiently and relatively fast are ginseng and Gingko Biloba. Gotu Kola also has the same effect. If you are still looking for solutions on how to improve memory and those mentioned so far don’t seem fast enough for you, rosemary might suit your needs. It has great properties in what concerns the memory and it is probably the herbal remedy with the fastest action.

We all believe we live in what is often grandly called, the information age. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that we live in a data era. Unlike information that is processed and organized into meaningful and relevant pieces. In today’s world we are faced with an avalanche of data with no structure or organization. This has resulted in an information glut. It is little wonder that our brain refuses to hold on to many of these little bits of data that it is bombarded with on a daily basis through the Internet and various forms of media.

Boost memory video games works on working out the brain, equivalent with these muscles work outs that help in building robust muscle tissue. The brain tissues, by means of these memory games get updated and grow to be a lot more receptive to additional storage of memory as effectively as its capability to entry what is kept. By signifies of these memory video games, the brain renews its memory and turn out to be far more responsive for new information that you require to keep. Memory improvement is not that difficult. This kind of game is not that tough as what most men and women believe about it.

Dr. John Gunstad, an associate professor in Kent State University’s Department of Psychology, led a team of researchers who looked at 150 obese persons. The subjects had an average weight of 300 pounds. All of them took a battery of tests to measure their memory and concentration. 109 of them then had bariatric surgery and the 41 who did not were the control group. Twelve weeks after the surgery, the group tested again. This time, those who had the bariatric surgery showed improvement in memory, concentration and problem solving. The results were confirmed by testing again, a year post-surgery.

Education has reached to another level in the present scenario where students don’t study 24*7 to get good grades in schools and colleges. Today’s generation is multitasking that is they want to attain expertise in many fields at a time. Education is the base to a bright future and carries a special significance in a student’s life. Nowadays students are under the task of gasping a huge amount of syllabus in comparatively less time. As the syllabus has increased so study techniques also needs to be altered so as to cater to the present education system. It’s not necessary that people who don’t have sharp minds cannot develop one.