Memory Improvement – Dementia

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Memory Improvement – Dementia

Memory Improvement - Dementia

This is so important because most family members have a tendency to ignore or deny that their family member has a problem beyond the mild stages. Many times, family members do not seek help for their family member until the problems with memory or dementia are beyond the early stages.

Some of these tests appear simple and easy. Yet, the task the individual is asked to perform is a test that reveals information about the deepest levels of an individuals brain functions. The individual that interprets the tests is required to have many years of post-graduate education and experience.

That little mini-mental test doctors do in the office is not a dementia test. It just indicates memory issues. If poor memory is found, then the full Alzheimer’s work-up needs to follow.

Neither is dementia analogous to a second childhood. Childish playfulness stems from a lack of knowledge about proper adult roles, whereas demented elders may manifest such behavior because of impaired memory, confusion, or sensory/motor limitations. Some nursing home patients may act more like children if the staff rewards such behavior with attention, especially affection.

These indignities are the way older people with dementia symptoms are often treated by the medical community and the general public at large. You may find that it’s difficult for anyone to show genuine compassion for your aging parent and their frail mental condition. This inability of showing compassion from others may make you aware that your own role in looking after your aging parent’s well-being is increasing, and this increase in responsibility may be scary, at least it was for me.

It affects an afflicted person’s memory and ability to reason, ultimately leaving them dependent on a full-time caregiver who can provide constant medical attention and supervision. While the rate at which a person loses his or her ability to think and function independently varies, nearly all individuals stricken with dementia end up in need of some form of long-term care.

The irreducible minimum of additional testing includes a brain scan–either a CT or an MRI–plus a panel of blood tests.

Differentiating between delirium and dementia is necessary because the treatment is different for both the diseases. The screening tools for dementia patients should also be able to differentiate between actual dementia and Pseudo dementia.

The patient is required to identify the time, date and place where the test is taking place, be able to count backwards, identify objects previously known to him or her, be able to repeat common phrases, perform basic skills involving math, language use and comprehension, and demonstrate basic motor skills.

Usually the elderly people suffer from dementia. Depending on the nature of the disability, dementia can be reversed or if it reaches an advanced stage becomes totally irreversible.

In some cases, dementia may be caused by a problem that can be treated. For example, having an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), not getting enough vitamin B12, and fluid buildup in the brain (normal-pressure hydrocephalus). In the above-mentioned cases, treating the problem itself may cure the dementia as well.

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