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Geratam is a nootropic drug containing Piracetam.  Geratam is developed by UCB  based in Anderlecht and Brussels, Belgium.  UCB is a leading global manufacturer of various  pharmaceuticals  including Piracetam/Geratam and distributes to over 40 countries.
The product is shipped from the Czech Republic, within the borders of the European Union. As such, there are no customs-related problems with deliveries within the EU, however, if you are located elsewhere please note that delays in delivery may occur due to customs related issues. Memory-Improvement.net ships worldwide, except Norway and New Zealand. We highly encourage our users to please consult their local laws if it is legal to purchase Geratam without a prescription. The shipping is discreet, nothing indicate what is the package to minimize problems.  

No customs delivery problems to EU, US, Canada and Australia. 
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Memory-Improvement.net is a distributor of Geratam (Piracetam) and has delivered to various users from within Europe, the US, and other destinations around the world.
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