What is Geratam**?

Geratam is the best-selling and safest Nootropic pill on the market today. Has been proven to Enhance Memory, Focus, Concentration & Relive Stress. It is commonly known as a smart drug, but recent studies have also shown that Geratam** is prescribed as a supplement for patients who are experiencing cognitive delays. It may also be used to control stress activity in the brain and promote brain cell growth. Geratam**, a pharmaceutical form of Piracetam, is a safe Nootropic drug which has been in production for the past 50 years and has gain tremendous positive feedback from users around the world. Aside from memory improvement, increased attention and retention, and better blood and oxygen circulation from, and to, the brain. Geratam** is also the ideal supplement that can slow down brain ageing and minimize the incidence of dementia. Geratam** is a bio-pharmaceutical  based on the active substance of Piracetam, which falls under the  category  of brain enhancing medicines called noontopics.

**Geratam is brand name for Piracetam, given by Pharmaceutical Company

History of Geratam**

This product was discovered, developed, and marketed by UCB, which is a global bio-pharmaceutical  company which operates in approximately 40 countries.  Discovered in 1964, it has been extensively researched for about 50 years now. Advertised to enhance memory and cognition, increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain, slow down brain aging, therefore has proven beneficial  for Down Syndrome, Dementia, Dyslexia, improving Alzheimer’s and aids in Stroke recovery. Also used to promote brain cell growth.

The Science Behind Geratam**

Geratam works by improving your neurons’ reception of nutrients and oxygen and by improving blood circulation from, and to, the brain. By simply improving the manner in which your nerves receive the necessary nutrients, your brain’s performance also, gradually, improves.

How Piracetam in Geratam Works

Piracetam, the main ingredient of Geratam, functions by revitalizing brain neurons and nerve connections in and around the brain. This component clears the pathways to your brain so information and stimuli can travel thoroughly. Take note, better oxygen and blood circulation in the brain is the start to better retention, enhanced creativity, memory improvement, and oftentimes, increased intelligence. UCB recommends a daily dose  of 2,400 – 4,800 mg of Geratam per day in three divided doses.

Advantages of Geratam**

The main ingredient of Geratam, Piracetam, was initially designed to benefit mental and cognitive growth. Years of scientific research support the feasibility and effectiveness of Piracetam making it an ideal supplement for patients with Alzeihmer’s disease, Parkinson’s, stress, stroke, cerebral disorders, and other ailments relating to brain development. Unlike other nootropics, Geratam does not contain allergens. It is processed in a safe manner and has no known negative effects. Although Geratam itself has no known allergic side-effects, its main ingredient, Piracetam may potentially cause certain reactions. Geratam is consumed orally and may be administered without doctor’s advice; however, we do encourage our readers to consult with a medical expert

We do encourage our  customers  to consult with a medical expert.

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